Three weeks to go!

Since arriving back home on Friday morning, I have been trying to relax a bit. I think I’m still decompressing from a relatively high stress summer juggling research demands and general living amidst our recent volatile times. I don’t think I ever appreciated how much the sleepy hills of my suburban Pennsylvania hometown allow one to think while growing up there. I guess that’s another sign of maturity or something. Running on those quiet roads reminded me that I need to take the time to carve out physical space for reflection wherever I end up. I wonder where I’ll find that outlet in Paris, perhaps I’ll make it a habit to go for long walks along the Seine. 

That brings me to my next thought; I’m going to be leaving for Paris in three weeks time! About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to study abroad instead of graduating early. After quite a few scholarship applications later, it’ll actually be cheaper for me to be in France for the semester than any previous semester at Temple. If I’ve learned anything in college, it’s how to finesse money from various sources. You’d be surprised at how many undergraduates don’t apply for what is essentially money waiting to be claimed. The next few weeks will consist of me figuring out what clothes I’m bringing, reviewing some French via French news and literature, and preparing to take a break from life here on American soil. It’s certainly going to be interesting being abroad during the presidential election. And by interesting, I mean equal parts hilarious and horrifying. 

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