On verra

The apartment building across the street from my window has flowers painted on the underside of each balcony. I’ve been here two weeks, and in all my staring out that window, I hadn’t noticed until earlier this morning.

My host mom is very particular about things being neat (which works quite well for me because same), so I give my room a good clean every weekend. It’s actually kind of nice to not have nearly as many things with me here. It only takes me 15 minutes to organize my clothes. It might have taken me that long to just do my shoes back home.

Paris, perhaps only for today, has slipped out of late summer’s hands. Putting on one of my favorite sweaters made me think of strolling through the Gayborhood in peak autumn, on my way to Green Eggs. There’s a café next door to a friend’s place that has an entire menu in English designated for brunch. One of these days, when I’m feeling particularly homesick, I’ll confidently order the red velvet pancakes.

Ever the (auto)ethnographer, I’ve noticed that I am most anxious when I have to figure out things related to every day life. Academia on the other hand, never fails to pull me into speaking (shy, yet confident) French. My semester officially begins on Monday, where I’ll be taking a sociology course, two literature courses, and a writing workshop. I’m on the fence about adding an art history seminar, but in the meantime I will do my best to check out Paris’s dizzying array of museums. One of my classes is entirely devoted to 20th century long form poetry, and I’ve already read half of one of our assigned books. In another life, I would have studied more literature in undergrad, but I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from fitting some more in towards the end.

I think I will go for a long walk around the city tomorrow, as I usually spent my Sundays in Philadelphia. I don’t really get lost here anymore, equal parts thankful to Google Maps and my quickening sense of direction. I should probably purchase a raincoat soon, maybe I’ll get something dramatic (and black, of course).

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