I am a writer and emerging researcher, primarily curious about the sociocultural dimensions of new media technologies and the identity work that happens on/through digital mediums. I am currently working as the Research Assistant to the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research. Within the next few years, I plan to begin graduate studies where I will continue pondering the intersections of identity, media, and technology.

I hold a BA in Sociology, French, and LGBT Studies from Temple University. As an undergraduate research fellow through The Leadership Alliance, I have spent summers working at Harvard University in the Department of Sociology and the Department of the History of Science.  Through my work as a research assistant on the LGBTQ Video Game Archive Project, I have co-authored presentations for the International Communication Association Annual Conference, the Queerness and Games Conference, and the Refiguring Innovation in Games Conference, as well as participated in the critical workshop Queer Internet Studies 2. I also had the opportunity to study abroad as a visiting international student at Université Paris Diderot and the CIEE Paris Global Institute.

Some of my other work includes digital media projects for Ideas on Fire (an academic publishing and consulting agency), developmental research for editorial and video campaigns, and writing for various digital outlets. In a past life, I was an e-sports writer, community moderator, and graphic designer in the competitive Super Smash Brothers scene.

As a Black and Brown queer person (my pronouns are he/him and they/them), I try to do my part in building a more equitable and loving world, with a particular interest in the material realities of other queer and trans people of color. To that end, I am particularly interested in how leftist politics and digital media activism can support some of our most marginalized community members.

Feel free to send an email to christopherjpersaud at gmail.com  and/or get in touch with me on Twitter if you’d like to talk about anything mentioned above. Or if you just want to say hi, that’s perfectly fine too.